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Besson completed the script for the second ”Lucy”

Image Three years ago, the movie "Lucy" brought its creators $ 463 million, proving that Scarlett Johansson is able to attract viewers to cinemas without the help of iron man and other avengers. According to Variety, Luc Besson has already written the script for the second film, and while there are no rumors about a sequel or Johansson's return, the project is definitely in the works.

After the release of the first part, Besson assured fans that he was opposed to the continuation. Two years ago the project was announced, but there was little information - the director was filming a fantastic adventure called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And now that his schedule has become freer, time may appear in it for a sequel about a deadly creature.

In the center of events of the first film was the heroine of Johansson - Lucy, forced to transport a drug in her body for the Korean mafia. When the package with the contents is torn, and the substance spreads through the girl's body, the parts of the human brain that are responsible for intelligence and mental abilities begin to work actively. From a target, Lucy turns into a deadly weapon.


Whether the major will invite Johansson for the sequel to Lucy or whether he decides to tell a new story has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman