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Return of Godzilla

Image The last time we heard about the sequel to "Godzilla" was in May this year, when director Gareth Edwards pulled out of work on the project, concentrating entirely on creating the first spin-off of "Star Wars". Now the information portal Variety has managed to get two news at once about the upcoming second part.

First, Legendary hired Michael Doherty and Zack Shields to write the blockbuster script. The duo already has one joint project behind them - the fantasy Krampus, and in the filmography of Doherty you can also find the superhero films X-Men 2 and Superman Returns, as well as the horror film Trick or Treat ".

In addition, the source reports that the leadership of Legendary , inspired by the example of "Transformers", is ready to assemble a group of authors to create a common cinematic universe of Godzilla and King Kong ... The original copy of Doherty and Shields will serve as a starting point for the writers to start working.


A couple of years ago it became known that the company Godzilla in the sequel could be the cult enemies of the monster - Mothra , Rodan and King Ghidora >. The blockbuster is set to premiere on May 22, 2019 , and Godzilla will meet with King Kong on May 29, 2020 .

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