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Dante's hell, neo-Nazism and religious extremism: watch this week

Image Next week, USA moviegoers will again be puzzled by the salvation of mankind, this time in an adult way, without superheroes: Professor Langdon from a series of films based on Dan Brown's novels returns to the big screens, and for his important mission he will only use own intelligence. American billionaire Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster) decided to play cat and mouse with the hero of Tom Hanks, putting the fate of the whole world at stake. Now Langdon has to collect some difficult puzzles, solve a bunch of puzzles, make the secret clear and thereby save everyone. And this is despite the fact that in the finale of the story, hell is still waiting for him - so, at least, the main villain promised the professor.

Inferno is directed by Ron Howard, who directed the first two films of the franchise. Hanks was very flattered by the fact that Ron invited him for the third time to play Robert Langdon , the world's only symbology expert. According to him, playing the smartest guy in the room is a great success for any actor. As for Zobrist , in one of his interviews, Tom told reporters that this character is driven by the desire to rid the planet of overpopulation. According to the actor, such a problem actually exists, and that Dante hell that wants to arrange for Bertrand people, we will all be in the future, if we do not take our minds.

Meanwhile, Langdon to the triquel will lose some of his abilities as a result of a head injury and, as is often the case with superheroes, will find himself in confusion and disorientation at the very moment when mankind will most of all need him to solve another cunning cipher.

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Recall that the first two adaptations of the bestselling Brown , "The Da Vinci Code" 2006 and "Angels and Demons" 2009, successfully paid off at the worldwide box office. The shooting of "Inferno" took place in Florence, where the closed premiere took place the other day. At the moment, critics believe that the new film does not shine with the success of its predecessors - it is released too late, and the printed source is not as exciting as the same The Da Vinci Code .

ImageAnother interesting novelty of the week is also a thriller. Daniel Ragoussis's film Absolute Power starring Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette, using the example of an undercover agent, will tell about the serious threat neo-Nazism poses to modern society. Contrary to stereotypes, adherents of this movement are not only hairless youngsters who have read the wrong books, but also over-aged influential people who are ready to take extreme measures for the sake of dubious ideas.

Critics greeted Absolute Power with enthusiasm, finding the film to be far more gripping and engaging than its slippery theme would allow. In addition, the tape has been compared with the legendary "American History X", and Radcliffe some reviewers now call"our future great actor".

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If you're not tired of thrillers yet, head to the premiere of New Era Z , which features horror elements and revolves around a girl named Melanie with a phenomenal IQ and deadly virus in the blood. Together with a group of the same infected peers, she is being held by the government in a secret underground bunker, and scientists are trying with the help of small prisoners to find a vaccine against the zombie virus that has hit the planet. The screen version of the bestseller "Gifts of Pandora by director Colm McCarthy can boast of a fresh look at the theme of the living dead in cinema, emotionality, atypical for projects of this genre, and a high-quality visual component with a rather modest budget.


European cinema will celebrate next week with a new film by Francois Ozon Franz . Franz is a black and white drama about a German girl named Anna who grieves over her fiance who died in the First World War. She visits the aged parents of Franz and looks after his grave, where one day she meets a stranger with flowers. The young man says that he was a friend of her fiance and they start spending time together. So Anna learns about her beloved many unexpected things that turn her life upside down. At the recent Venice Film Festival, the leading actress Paula Bier won the Marcello Mastroianni Prize (best young actor or actress).


Domestic filmmakers will present to the audience three novelties at once: the drama "Pupil" and two comedies - "Moscow, I endure you" and "Super-bad" ... "Pupil" is a new project by Kirill Serebrennikov, which has already made a big impression on the festival critics. At the Kinotavr he received the prize for the best director, and in Cannes - the Francois Chalet Prize . The main character of the film, a schoolboy Benjamin , believes that the world is mired in sin, and something urgently needs to be done about it. However, his defiant behavior, including the aggressive imposition of moral norms on society, causes an ambiguous reaction from others, and Benjamin himself quickly becomes something of a city madman. "Apprentice" - a serious movie on the topic of religious extremism that is very relevant today, but it is also a satire on modern USA society, in which not very smart but powerful fanatics dictate their conditions to entire social institutions.


If you do not want to waste time and energy thinking about what you have seen, look into the neighboring rooms, where the heroes of the comedy "Super Bad" (Sexmachine, Chick, Husky, Bitch, Survivor, Ninja and Gopnik ) will crank up a criminal scam to a peppy pop music. Dirty jokes, leopard swimming trunks, cartoon villains and bloody shootouts - this picture definitely has every chance of getting into the top 5 of the domestic box office. And finally, “Moscow, I endure you” will tell you how easy it is to get lost in the frantic rhythm of a vibrant metropolitan life. Alexander , the main character of the comedy, is torn to pieces - a girl, colleagues, friends, big problems and minor troubles. He was tired of them, of himself and of this noisy crowded city. Like Sasha

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