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Starz will open the Continental Hotel

Image Back in June last year, information was leaked to the press that Lionsgate is working not only on the John Wick triquel, but also on a television series based on its popular action franchise. Now the project has gained official status: the management of the Starz channel has announced that it will host a show based on "John Wick", called The Continental.

The action of the project will unfold in the world of cinema franchise, already familiar to the audience, and will revolve around the exclusive Continental Hotel, which has become a haven for hired killers. The show will be written by Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars). The work on the television series will also involve those who were involved in the appearance of the original franchise: producer Basil Ivanik, directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, screenwriter Derek Kolstad and Keanu Reeves himself.

The president of the Starz channel also noted that television shows and movies will coexist, that is, the appearance of Continental does not mean that viewers will no longer see John Wick on the big screens.


Chad Stahelski, who was entrusted with filming the premiere episode, spoke about the opportunities that work on TV opens up in the summer:“The series is closely related to films. It's about the Continental all over the world, about how people get here and what happens to them in the end. This universe is immense ... You can be next to the consigliere, concierge or sommelier and observe the events from their point of view. In the cinema, if there is one main character, my possibilities in this regard are limited ".

Stahelski also mentioned that Keanu Reeves could make a cameo in the series, and the project itself will include many fights and shootings between professional mercenaries and their targets.

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Author: Jake Pinkman