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Comedians will reboot Halloween

Image It's no secret that Hollywood is sinning with sequels, prequels and reboots of famous films. However, this time the portal Entertainment Weekly brought news of a rather curious remake: with reference to the legendary director John Carpenter , the resource reported that the reboot of the horror franchise "Halloween"representatives of the "light" genre - Danny McBride and David Gordon Green will be engaged.

On his Facebook page, Carpenter , who is the executive producer of the remake, wrote the following:“Did you say you needed a revolution? Do you want something that will shake you up and revive Halloween ? So do I. Here's the announcement you've been waiting for: David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have joined our creative team. They will write the script together, and David will later direct. I remain on the project as an executive producer and will advise colleagues as needed. David and Danny came to me with Jason Bloom and presented their vision of the new film. They knew what to do. I think you will appreciate it. They just amazed me. Maybe I'll even write the music for the film. It would be great. And you will be able to appreciate all this already on October 19, 2018 ".


Green 's address says:John Carpenter directed Halloween , which became a truly monumental horror movie. He has had a great influence on me and on millions of fans ... I am honored to work with this creative team, opening a new chapter in the story of Michael Myers ".

McBride supported his friend and colleague:David and I are intrigued by the opportunity to step away from our joint comedy projects and immerse ourselves in dark and vicious horror. Nobody will laugh ".

John Carpenter made a name for himself shooting horror and fantasy thrillers in the 70s and 80s of the last century. In addition to the original Halloween , he directed iconic films such as The Thing and Escape from New York. As for the duo Green-McBride , they have worked together many times on set. Among the most famous works of the tandem are the existential comedy "Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking" and a parody of films about knights "Brave with Pepper".


The original slasher Halloween was released in 1978 and became the ancestor of the whole franchise, which today includes ten feature-length films.The main character of the film series, a cold-blooded sociopath in a mask Michael Myers . In every movie, on the eve of Halloween, he begins his bloody harvest, which invariably leads to many deaths ...

What the collaboration between the legendary horror director and two talented comedians will result in, the viewer will be able to appreciate in October 2018. Then the franchise will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

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Author: Jake Pinkman