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Cinema academics are waiting for a complete disagreement

Image If anyone thinks that the animation film " Full of Rags " will be content only with its commercial success, then the studio Sony does not share this point of view. According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the major intends to arrange a large-scale promotional campaign for the cartoon with an R rating in order to try his luck in competing for prestigious film awards, including the Oscar " .

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences division that manages animated films and determines nominees for this category is generally considered to be conservative. Film academics prefer more classic and instructive stories, but Sony management intends to change their mind.

“Academics are much smarter and more progressive than other people think,- said the head of Sony Pictures Tom Rothman. -They want to single out daring, original and risky projects from the general mass, which includes "Complete disagreement" , even if it turned out provocative.


The studio intends to begin the implementation of its ambitious plan as early as November 1 - on this very day the screening of "The Complete Disagreement" and a party to which film academics and members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominees and winners of the Golden Globe , as well as representatives of other guilds and journalists.

Seth Rogen will be actively involved in the campaign, about which he even joked:"We all want to meet Leonardo DiCaprio".

The Topic of Article: Cinema academics are waiting for a complete disagreement.
Author: Jake Pinkman