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Creators of the Dark Universe are looking for movie stars and partners

Image Looking at the success of the superhero blockbusters Marvel and DC , the space saga Star Wars and its own racing series Fast and the Furious, the leadership of the studio Universal was eager to create a new cinematic universe featuring famous screen monsters. At the beginning of last week, the bosses of the film company presented to the public the official name of the franchise, and now the publication The Hollywood Reporter has shared fresh facts and rumors about its construction.

The start of the Dark Universe will be given by the blockbuster "Mummy", the USA premiere of which will take place in a week. Studio Universal has decided to invest heavily in the creation and advertising of the first tape of its ambitious franchise. According to financial analysts, the production budget of the film, even taking into account the generous tax break from the UK authorities, is an impressive $ 125 million .

Sources close to the studio's management claim that not every monster movie will have such a solid price tag. The bosses of Universal are currently considering the idea of involving Blumhouse Productions in the creation of the Dark Universe . Studio Jason Bloom made a splash in Hollywood in 2009, when her "Paranormal Activity" earned more than $ 193 million at the worldwide box office on a ridiculous budget of $ 15 thousand . Since then, Blumhouse has grown into one of the most successful independent film studios in the world.


Three years ago, Bloom and Universal bosses entered into a strategic partnership. With the backing of a Hollywood major, Jason went on to release one box office hit after another. This year alone, Blumhouse and Universal have collaborated with the horror films Split and Get Out, which have shown fantastic results at the worldwide box office. M. Knight Shyamalan's film earned $ 276 million with a budget of $ 9 million , and Jordan Peel's $ 4.5 million film has more than $ 241 million ...

If the information of Hollywood insiders turns out to be true, the Dark Universe will include both low-budget films and expensive blockbusters. The bet in the latter will obviously be on the artists of the first category. By now, Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp have already joined the franchise, and very soon the cast of the cinematic universe may replenish with two more stars. The studio is reportedly hoping to formalize its relationship with Dwayne Johnson and Angelina Jolie . The Rock began to match the role of The Wolfman last summer, and Jolie has been considered the main contender for the title role in Bride of Frankenstein since November 2015 th.


Blumhouse and Universal also plan to work on the thriller Glass, which will allow M. Night Shyamalan to unite the heroes of the films "Invincible" and " Split ".

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