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Saw vs. Matilda: Watch This Week

Image The new week is rich in premieres, but not at all happy with its diversity. There are USA films, bad USA films and very bad USA films, as well as disgusting franchises and budget comedies. But let's start with the good news: the new film by the cult Korean director Kim Ki-dook "The Network" is coming to the cinema screens. The long-suffering "Matilda" by Alexei Uchitel was released into the domestic distribution despite the offended feelings of believers and loud statements by Natalia Poklonskaya. Orlando Bloom is still alive (and this is good news), but for some reason he started acting in Chinese action films (and this one is already bad), one of which miraculously appeared in our box office. In addition, many cartoons are expected this week, although only one of them really deserves attention.

LostFilm.INFO's choice is Kim Ki-Duk's new creation, but Matilda and Saw 8 will predictably become the leaders of the box office. Both films, of course, do not deserve such attention at all. The first is due to a weak cultural component, the second is due to its complete absence.

ImageThe most brutal director of our time, Kim Ki Duk, brought "The Network" to the Venice Film Festival for a reason. The film, touching upon the eternal confrontation between South and North Korea, is obviously aimed at the Western viewer, who perceives the DPRK as a center of universal evil. Nevertheless, the political context does not prevent the director from exploring his favorite themes: mental anguish, bitterness of loss, human tragedies and, of course, pain in all its forms. In the center of the plot is a simple North Korean fisherman who happens to be on the wrong side of the peninsula. First, he is thrown into the clutches of the cruel South Korean special services, and then he is completely seduced by the "good life" of democratic Seoul. The worst is yet to come
The release of the cartoon "Far to the North" is one of those few cases when aunts and uncles should forget about the problems of adulthood and find time for their own child. Tear your child off the tablet and TV to instill a little beauty in his heart. Good animation in this digital age is unforgivably rare. And when there is a chance to see something like this on the big screen, not a minute is wasted. "Far North" is the story of a USA girl Sasha, who sets out on a distant expedition to the North to find the lost ship of her grandfather, an Arctic explorer. This painting will teach your child to be bold and determined, persistent and hardworking, judicious and considerate. The cartoon has a very original art and a fabulously beautiful soundtrack. Imperial USA is shown beautiful and majestic, and most importantly - without cranberries in the form of earflaps, balalaikas and bears. Far North may not be as good as Pixar's animation mastodons, but it looks quite dignified against the background of We Are the Monsters, a flawed European parody of Monsters on Vacation, and a new installment of The Fixies.


"Matilda" by Alexei Uchitel looks like a fallen woman, whose fame spread throughout the entire district - no one cares about her, but I still want to look with one eye. The scandals, intrigues and quite real investigations that have surrounded this film for several months have made him a good PR, which in the future will pay off the large budget generously unfastened by the Ministry of Culture. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the role of Nicholas II went not to Sergei Bezrukov, but to Lars Eidinger, who was mistaken in the USA press for a German porn star. "Matilda", which tells about the novel of the famous ballerina and the famous emperor, will be of interest primarily to fans of sentimental love stories. It has good actors and beautiful scenery, but one should not expect deep meaning and serious historicism from “Matilda”. Two other USA films at the box office are also not credible. See for yourself: at the fear and risk of mental health of the viewer, Ani Kreis's drama “Found a scythe on a stone” with the slogan “We are all necrophiles. Do you want to talk about it? " and "Anomaly" by Vasily Chiginsky about children who went in search of a huge perch in the Ryazan region.

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And now the eighth part of "Saw" is being released. The reason for this outrage is the lack of good scriptwriters and the crisis of the horror genre. The producers stubbornly refuse to leave the once popular franchise alone. Even John Kramer himself, it seems, is not happy that his evil name was again used in vain. By the way, Michael and Peter Spirigi are responsible for staging the new "Saw", who shot the close to the brilliant "Time Patrol" in 2014. But the script for the new horror was written by Pete Goldfinger, who is responsible for such masterpieces as Piranhas 3D and Piranhas 3DD. All this can mean only one thing: the film will have a strong direction, but a boring and banal plot. The heading of unnecessary sequels also includes "Skyline 2", the sequel to the 2010 film of the same name. Apparently, it took the director of the first part seven whole years, to raise $ 20 million to film a sequel. But he could do something really useful. Go back in time and not shoot the first Skyline, for example.

ImageThe inconspicuous French comedy "Veil It" won't fill the halls, but for sure will leave viewers happy. In the center of the plot is a couple in love, in whose way stands a stern Muslim, the brother of the main character. In an attempt to thwart the relationship, Mahmoud forbids the girl to date the young man. However, he turns out to be much more cunning - under the guise of a modest Scheherazade, wrapped from head to toe in a hijab, he makes his way into the house of his beloved. And everything would be fine, but the shy woman immediately liked Mahmoud himself. The best thing about the Veil It comedy is that it's really funny. The French press dubbed Iranian director So Abadi's debut "hilarious and daring political vaudeville" which "strikes with courage and wit." If you wish, you can go to another budget comedy rental called "Chef". Playing with familiar Bollywood cliches, she recounts the life of a simple Indian chef who opens a diner on wheels and embarks on a culinary journey across the country. You shouldn't expect cool jokes from the movie, but the picture will definitely be juicy.

And the main "surprise" of this week is the Chinese action movie "Shanghai Carrier" with Orlando Bloom in the lead roles. It seemed that for a good actor nothing could be worse than participating in the once popular, but endlessly stupid or protracted franchises. It turned out, maybe - filming in trashy Chinese action films.

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