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Sony will create the perfect weapon

Image Despite the recent collapse of the MCU Divergent, Hollywood continues to be interested in stories of a dark dystopian future. According to Variety , Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to film the sci-fi thriller The Diabloic by American writer S. J. Kinkade.

The main heroine of the novel is an artificial teenage girl Nemesis , which was created to protect the daughter of a galactic senator - Sidonia . In the body of a fragile young lady, scientists have concluded a real killing machine, ready to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of her ward.

One day the mad emperor learns that the senator intends to make an attempt to revolt against him. When the tyrant invites Sidonia to become a guest of his palace, Nemesis has no choice but to take her place ...


The novel has only recently gone on sale, but has already earned critics comparison with such book cycles as The Hunger Games and The Scarlet Queen. The heroes of the former were successfully transferred to the big screen by Lionsgate , and the film adaptation of the latter is currently being prepared by Universal and Elizabeth Banks.

The film adaptation of The Diabloic will be produced by Matthew Tolmak, whose track record includes the Amazing Spider-Man dilogy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman