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”Cornet, are you a woman?”

Image The success of the spy series TURN ( TURN ) seems to have helped revive Hollywood's interest in Revolutionary War projects. In the middle of this month, Radar Pictures took over the development of a film about the transition of Benedict Arnold to the side of the British, and now the Deadline publication reports that the studio Pascal Pictures will tell the audience about another curious historical figure who played a significant role in the conflict between the colonists and the British Empire.

Producer Amy Pascal has acquired the rights to film adaptation of Christopher Cosmos's American Rebel about the life and exploits of Deborah Sampson , who had to pretend to be a man to join the Continental Army ... Sampson used any excuses to avoid medical examinations, thanks to which for almost a year and a half she was able to successfully hide her gender from colleagues. Once she was wounded by a gunshot and removed a bullet on her own, but in 1783 Deborah still ended up in the hospital, where her secret was finally revealed.

Shortly thereafter, Deborah Sampson was honorably discharged from the army, receiving a life-long military pension as a reward for her bravery.


Pascal Pictures may be supported by Sony Studios in the production of the historical drama. For almost ten years, Amy Pascal served as co-chairman of the major's board, but due to a series of high-profile scandals, she was forced to leave her post. Amy has managed to preserve old ties, and therefore projects of her new company first of all come to the consideration of the management of Sony .

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