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Transformers have taken over the US box office

Image Time does not spare the mighty Autobots - the new " Transformers ", although they are leading the US box office on their debut weekend ( June 23-25 ), but the blockbuster results were far from ideal .

The first weekend at the box office brought Optimus Prime and the company $ 45.3 million , and if we take into account all five days of Transformers being in theaters, then Their account is now listed at $ 69.1 million , the worst result in the entire history of the franchise. In 2011, "The Dark Side of the Moon" collected $ 162.6 million over the same five days, and each previous part mastered at least $ 100 million at the start.

With a huge budget of $ 217 million The Last Knight could only count on the favor of foreign audiences, and the first joyful results were not long in coming. Outside the United States, the fifth Transformers have already earned $ 196.2 million , most of which are the merit of the people of China, who brought the tapes of Michael Bay $ 123.4 million . Representatives of Paramount do not even deny that their target audience is viewers from all over the world. However, if the reviews about the blockbuster were better, maybe he would have achieved more in his own cinemas.


The "Transformers" franchise has never been a favorite with critics (after all, there is much less sense in it than an action), and the fifth part was no exception. According to reviewers, the film can only appeal to those who are an ardent admirer of the style of Michael Bay - for two and a half hours on the screen, real chaos is created. Massive explosions give way to comedic scenes with a touch of tragedy and vice versa. But, unlike the same blockbusters Marvel , in "Transformers" there is no hint of wit or really funny jokes. The only one who rescues this sinking ship turns out to be Anthony Hopkins, who miraculously found himself in the world of Hasbro toys.

Michael Bay has already told reporters that the fifth part of the franchise will be his last, but the studio Paramount is not going to stop there. In August, the shooting of the spin-off about Bumblebee is due to start, and the sixth Transformers is just a matter of time.


A serious struggle broke out over the weekend for the rank of vice-leader: according to preliminary data, both " Cars 3 " and " Wonder Woman " earned $ 25.2 each million . For an animation tape, such a result means a 53% drop in audience. In ten days at the box office, the triquel has almost $ 100 million . Outside the United States, of course, fees are not that great - only $ 41.4 million . For fans of Pixar , the third Cars became a real disappointment and earned the title of almost the worst film in the studio. True, critics do not agree with this point of view - they liked the cartoon Brian Fee , because the specialists of Pixar know a lot about creating a beautiful picture, and the plot in Cars 3 "

As for Wonder Woman , it became the highest-grossing feature-length feature film directed by a female director, thanks to its worldwide box office $ 652.9 million . Of these, the US cinemas account for $ 318.4 million , which inexorably brings us closer to the day when the film Patty Jenkins surpasses all other films in the cinematic universe in gross in the North American box office DC .


The fourth place was taken by the debutant of last week, the thriller "The Blue Abyss ". With no rivals in genre, Johannes Roberts lost only 33% of viewers and grossed an additional $ 7.4 million . The tense atmosphere, giant sharks, beautiful girls in distress - all this goes into the hands of the film, whose achievements at home are now estimated at $ 24.3 million .


But the biographical drama " 2pac: Legend " has lost most of its viewers - after an excellent start last week, the tape about Tupac Shakur managed to master only $ 5.9 million . It is difficult to say what exactly influenced this reaction of the audience - either negative reviews from reviewers, or unflattering statements about the biopic from the lips of stars who were friends with the rapper. The musician's life story, as if created for a movie, turned out to be too censorship and as a result of unreal and not causing any emotions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman