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”I love with ears.” 1 + 1 Remake Trailer

Image After the excellent film "1 + 1", recognized as the main cultural event in France in 2011, was released on the screens, American producers, without hesitation, announced their intention to shoot a remake. And they even invited Brian Cranston to the lead role. But it turned out that the Argentines also decided to tell the world their version of the friendship story of a paralyzed disabled person and his assistant. Moreover, in a recently released trailer, they hint that their project will be funnier than the original.

The director of the film, which in our box office was named “1 + 1. Breaking the rules " , Marcos Carnevale (" Elsa and Fred ") performed, Oscar Martinez appeared as a wealthy aristocrat, and Rodrigo De la Serna played his cheerful nurse.

In the remake, as in the original, we will talk about a man confined to a wheelchair, who arranged for a casting of assistants, but instead of a qualified specialist he suddenly decided to hire an unemployed Tito . The fact is that Tito was the only one of all candidates who did not look at his employer with pity. The only thing left is for a beginner to learn to care for a disabled person so as not to harm him even more.

Judging by the trailer, a full-fledged frame-by-frame remake awaits us in the cinema. Actually, the video itself is nothing more than an accurate reproduction of key scenes from the original: an episode with a teapot, a race on a cool car, an ear massage, and others. It is not yet very clear why critics found this picture funnier than the original, especially since the success of the French comedy was not only in the presence of humor.

Duplicate trailer

Our viewers will be able to evaluate the efforts of Argentinean comedians already on August 10 , but the American version with Cranston will be released only next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman