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From Viking to Arrows

Image For nearly five years, Travis Fimmel has successfully collaborated with the History Channel on the biography of Scandinavian warriors in the TV series Vikings ( Vikings ). Ragnar Lothbrok performed by the actor will be remembered for a long time by fans of historical dramas, but now Fimmel is ready to move on.

As reported by the Deadline website, along with History Travis will begin work on an anthology series that will feature the most notorious personalities in history. So, the first season will be dedicated to the lawyer and one of the best shooters of the Wild West, Wyatt Earp, and other cult antiheroes will be involved in subsequent chapters.

The idea of creating the series belongs to Fimmel himself. In addition to the fact that the actor wrote the script for the first episode and will act as the executive producer of the project, he will also play Erp in it. The show will explore the life of Wyatt , from his days in Dodge City, his difficult relationship with Doc Holiday and Bat Masterson , and ending with the real version of that what happened during the legendary shootout at the Corral O-Kay .


“I have always been interested to know what drives people to commit crimes,- admitted Fimmel . -I wanted to look at the stories of famous people without Hollywood rose-colored glasses and let viewers decide for themselves whether someone like Wyatt Earp was a sinner or a victim of circumstance..

The production of the new series, with Fimmel , will be shared by Charles Rowen and Alex Gartner of Atlas Entertainment , which the actor has already dealt with while working on Warcraft.

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Author: Jake Pinkman