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Inexplicable, but true

Image If you study the filmography of Dean Israelite, you can conclude that the director likes to shoot pictures about unusual phenomena. His debut in big movies was the sci-fi thriller Continuum, dedicated to the theme of time travel, followed by Power Rangers, where the protagonists faced an alien threat. Israelite again chose an unusual idea for his next project.

As The Hollywood Reporter found out, Amblin Partners invited the director to lead the filming of a film called Unexplained Phenomenon. The project will be a kind of reunion of the Continuum team, as longtime colleagues of Israelite Jason Pagen and Andrew Duchman will write the script for it.

At the center of the events of the tape will be a family who has found a mysterious contraption, which is gradually beginning to influence them and their lives. Soon, the unusual find attracts the attention of an expert, whose daughter may be related to the strange object.


It is reported that the film is based on real events and the atmosphere will be similar to the pictures of Amblin, which have already become classics - "Alien" and "Poltergeist".

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Author: Jake Pinkman