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Children of the comet

Image J. Michael Strazhinski has achieved worldwide fame not only as the creator of the science fiction series Babylon 5 and a successful Hollywood screenwriter, but also as a talented comic book writer. As reported by Deadline , MGM has decided to bring the characters from his graphic novel Rising Stars to the big screen.

The main characters of the comic are 113 people who were born after a comet hit a small town in Illinois. These children have been named Special for their amazing abilities. Over the years, some decided to become disinterested helpers of the weak and disadvantaged, while others began to use their powers for the sake of fame and money, and someone tried to live the most ordinary life. However, that all changed when the Specials learned that the death of one of them significantly increases the abilities of the others ...

Straczynski will write the script for the film, and Alex Gartner (Warcraft) and Richard Suckle (12 Monkeys / 12 Monkeys ) will take over the production.


Currently Straczynski is working on the TV series "Red Mars" ( Red Mars ) based on " The Mars Trilogy " by Kim Stanley Robinson, and in his plans there is also the creation of a full-length version of " Babylon 5 ".

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