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X-Men spin-off gets director

Image Years can pass from the idea to the implementation of the project, and one of the most important points in creating a picture is finding the right director. It became known back in 2013 that the X-Men franchise will have a spin-off called X-Force. Over the past four years, Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), Simon Kienberg (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Joe Carnahan (Team A) have been assigned to work on the project. Each of them was involved in the script of the project and could potentially lead the shooting. However, according to the information portal Deadline , the bosses of the film studio Fox have decided to hand over the reins to Drew Goddard .

The nominee for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Martian will script and direct the future film. The film will be produced by Simon Kienberg , Ryan Reynolds and Lauren Schuler Donner. Drew Goddard took a long time to lead the superhero franchise. He first volunteered to be the writer and director of Daredevil for Netflix . Then he abandoned the project, at the same time giving Ridley Scott a place in the director's chair of "The Martian" , as he received an offer from the studio Sony to start filming "The Sinister Six." However, due to the failure of the blockbuster "The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage" the fate of the film about six supervillains was decided not in their favor. And now Drew Goddardfinally got my long-awaited franchise.

X-Force is a spin-off of New Mutants comics that emerged in the early 1990s. One of the authors was Rob Leifeld, who is also the creator of the graphic novels about Deadpool . The chatty mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds will become one of the central characters of the film, and he will be accompanied by a mutant named Cable , whose role in the sequel to Deadpool went to Josh Brolin. A team of mutants calling themselves X-Force are far more belligerent and merciless than their counterparts. So the film looks set to be a dark version of X-Men . In addition, there were rumors that he could be removed with a R rating.

While other superhero films in the studio have received more attention in recent years, Fox continues to fill the X-Men universe with strong and promising directors. The Fault in the Stars director, Josh Boone, is filming The New Mutants, which is slated for release on April 12, 2018 . David Leitch ("John Wick") is working on the second part of Deadpool , due out in late May. And Simon Kienberg is busy with "Dark Phoenix", which viewers will be able to see next November.

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