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”Love and Friendship”. Viper Trailer

Image "Insidiousness, hypocrisy and outright shamelessness"- this is the slogan of the new film adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen "Love and Friendship" co-produced by the United States and four European countries. The dramatic comedy was directed by Whit Stillman, best known for his films The Last Days of Disco and Girls in Danger. The cast includes Kate Beckinsale, Morfidd Clarke, Tom Bennett and Chloe Sevigny.

In the center of the plot of the tape is the beautiful and courageous young widow Lady Susan (Beckinsale) , who enters the estate of the family of her deceased husband in order to wait until the high society stops gossiping about her adventures. In parallel, she needs to resolve the urgent issue of her financial situation and, if possible, find a wealthy husband for her daughter. For these purposes, Lady Susan is ready to use the entire arsenal of her talents - from beauty to sharp mind and talent to weave intrigues.

Created with soul, wit and great respect for the printed original, the film adaptation will certainly find its audience among fans of costume dramas, admirers of the talent of Austin and those moviegoers who are partial to the era of lush dresses, high hairstyles, good manners and refined dialogues ...

Dubbed trailer

The release of the film in domestic cinemas is scheduled for August 18 , but for now we are watching the trailer, in which"England's most notorious coquette"sets the heat for the whole neighborhood, shaking his charming curls.

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Author: Jake Pinkman