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Childhood ticket from Soyuzmultfilm

Image Who doesn't love cartoons? Animated films have long been a godsend for the majors. An interesting story, high-quality drawing, a couple of cute fluffy characters and a pinch of humor - this is the key to success and fantastic box office receipts from both adults and young fans of sitting in the cinema with popcorn. "City of Heroes" brought its creators more than $ 657 million, The Walt Disney Company 's piggy bank was replenished by $ 1.3 billion thanks to "Cold Heart". USA animators decided to keep up with Western trends.

"Soyuzmultfilm" will not only turn the "Parrot Kesha" into a TV series, but will also return Matroskin and Sharik to the screens with thirty new episodes. The Soviet cartoon about Uncle Fedor will receive a modern plot, new characters will be added to their favorite characters, but they promise not to touch the recognizable style of "Prostokvashino". The USA viewer will be able to see new adventures and feel nostalgic already in 2018.

They also did not forget about the 3D format: it will feature ten episodes of the short animated film "Heroes", which tells about schoolchildren in a mystical children's camp.


The studio director Boris Mashkovtsev admitted that they have seven more projects in their plans, including: "Pirate School", "Orange Cow", "Checkered Zebra" and educational "Tsiferki".

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Author: Jake Pinkman