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Loyal Spider-Man

Image The sequel to the blockbuster " Spider-Man: Homecoming " was talked about even before the new solo album by Peter Parker hit the big screens. During the press tour of the film, there were hints that Jonathan Watts will return to the director's chair for the sequel, but until now there has been no official confirmation of this information. Now, the portal The Hollywood Reporter reports that Watts is in talks with the management of Sony to appoint him as director of the second part.

So far, the details of the sequel are given without specifics. It is known that the action of the film will unfold after the events of Infinity War, and the audience will not see Tony Stark in the tape - as partners Spider-Man will receive another character from the cinematic universe Marvel . Fans dream of being Captain America , and Tom Holland would like to catch a glimpse of Parker's meeting with Hulk .

Homecoming has been a huge success for Marvel and Sony who have joint custody of Spider-Man . Viewers and critics were not only impressed by the play of Holland as the young and naive Peter Parker , but also by the unique comedic style inherent in the work of John Hughes. It was on him that Watts was guided in his work.


The new Spider-Man surpassed all expectations in financial terms - in two weeks the blockbuster earned $ 467 million at the worldwide box office and is not going to stop there. The movie Watts is likely to be one of the most successful projects this year for Sony .

The sequel is slated for world premiere on July 5, 2019 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman