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She Proves Murder

Image The film company Fox 2000 intends to replenish the impressive list of talented detectives who have moved from the pages of literary works to the big screens. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the studio has acquired the rights to the book series Patricia Cornwell about the medical examiner Kay Scarpetta .

The literary heroine made her debut in 1990 in the novel " An Autopsy Revealed ". For the basis of her image, the American writer took Dr. Marcella Fierro, who for 14 years served as the chief medical examiner of Virginia.

To date, the popular detective series already has 24 books. Over the years, Kay has changed several positions, but most often she worked with law enforcement as a coroner. Thanks to her experience and insight, Scarpetta is able to find evidence of a murder even when all her colleagues are willing to agree that a person's death was natural, not violent.


Hollywood has been eyeing the works of Cornwell for a long time. At one time, Angelina Jolie showed an active interest in the role of Scarpetta , but then the film adaptation of the book cycle could not go into production.

The adaptation of the literary source for the studio Fox 2000 will be handled by Phyllis Nush . The American already has experience in the creation of film projects with strong female characters in the foreground: earlier this year, her work on the script for the film "Carol" earned her a nomination for an " Oscar ".


Mark Gordon , who is currently involved in the work on the new film adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous detective novel Murder on the Orient Express, will take over the production functions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman