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Angler, Nimble and Real Mouse: Justice League Trailer

Image Only the passions concerning the adaptation of the Suicide Squad comic have subsided, as domestic localizers decided to present to the USA public a duplicated trailer for another ambitious project WB - Justice League . The upcoming fantasy action movie Zach Snyder is set to become the first general gathering of the most popular superheroes in the DC Comics universe, as opposed to the team of villains from prison Belle Reeve .

As you can see from the released video, the creators of the action movie take into account the mistakes made earlier. They did not give away all the secrets of their film and did not spoil any important plot twists. But the viewers had a chance to quickly get to know those members of the Batman team (Ben Affleck) who have not really shown themselves on the big screens. So, Aquaman performed by Jason Momoa appears before us as a compassionate and impressive character, who nevertheless does not welcome acquaintances or cooperation with the same metal people like him. The Flash (Ezra Miller), on the other hand, looks like a kind of lonely geek and fanboy, who is indescribable delight at the thought of a dangerous mission in the company of like-minded people. And Cyborg (Ray Fisher) is still a dark horse. By the way,

However, at the moment everything looks quite logical, epic and dark, although the film still has problems with ease and dynamics.Little is known about the plot of the " League " yet: devastated and disappointed, Bruce Wayne , impressed by the act of self-sacrifice of Superman , is looking for his new ally Diana Prince to help him motivate and assemble a team of metal people capable of protecting the world from a terrible, imminent and powerful evil.

Justice League: Part 1
Dubbed Trailer

As you may have noticed, the trailer does not give the slightest hint of the miraculous resurrection of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) after the events of the Dawn of Justice finale, but it would be foolish to question his appearance in the Dark Knight team . After all, Warner Bros. has already announced the preparation of a sequel to Man of Steel, which delighted fans of the demigod, but killed one of the intrigues of the Justice League . How the return of Superman will be played up and what the new team of the guardians of good will be like, USA viewers will find out on November 16, 2017 .

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