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US Boxing Office: It Left Aronofsky Overboard

Image Pennywise has taken over the minds of US moviegoers so much that newcomers who debuted at the North American box office last weekend (September 15-17) had to be content with only crumbs of audience attention, while the monster named "It" continued to empty the wallets of moviegoers.

The adaptation of Stephen King's cult novel after a delightful first week of release lost only half of its audience, earning an additional $ 60 million. After just eight days in theaters, the horror movie "It" became the highest grossing September release in the history of the box office (without adjusting for inflation). Earlier this honorary title was carried by "Crocodile Dundee" with his $ 174.8 million. Very soon, Andres Muschetti's picture will conquer the top of another rating: "It" threatens to surpass "The Exorcist" in the list of the highest grossing horror films with an R rating.

Outside the US, the film about Pennywise terrorizing Derry children feels equally at ease. Here he has already collected $ 152.6 million, and if you knock the total amount, now "It" has $ 371.3 million. After an unsuccessful summer, which disappointed both distributors and studio bosses, horror proved that with the presence of quality content, viewers again will flock to the cinema.


Don't be surprised at these results. The movie really deserves attention, and good word of mouth is the best advertisement. Andres Muschetti, like no one else, managed to feel the atmosphere of the original novel and qualitatively transfer at least one part of it to large screens. Add to this the magnificent play of young actors who could easily pull out the entire tape on their shoulders, even if it did not have a terrible clown in it. But it is, and "It" is a double winner. Now moviegoers are left to guess what Hollywood stars Muschetti will invite to the roles of matured Losers. One name has already been mentioned - Jessica Chastain.


The second place according to the results of the week was taken by the action movie "Mercenary", which mastered $ 14.8 million at the start. The filmmakers were quite satisfied with these results, comparing their new creation with "Mechanic" ($ 11.4 million) and "John Wick" ($ 14.4 million). Viewers gave Michael Cuesta an average B + mark, which is quite normal for an action game.

The reviewers, as expected, criticized the "Mercenary". The film is full of cliches inherent in most action films, and has a completely standard plot, but the director at least managed to make the film not boring. The plot develops quite cheerfully, there is enough blood and fights, but, again, all these positive moments are leveled by the predictability of what is happening on the screen.


The third position of the top-5 was taken by Darren Aronofsky's new project, which can rightfully be called the loser of the week. When it comes to auteur cinema, it is difficult to predict the reaction of the mass audience. More often, such films go to conquer film festivals, where they find a decent audience, less often they get wide distribution. However, the budget of the painting "Mom!" amounted to a decent $ 30 million, and therefore Paramount studio could not help but send horror to cinemas, especially since the names of Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem flaunted next to Aronofsky. However, all attempts to somehow recoup the costs of creating the tape seem to have failed: "Mom!" raised only $ 7.5 million in her first weekend. This is the worst start in Laurence's career since the thriller The Devil You Know.

Worst of all, the moviegoers gave the horror a lower F. Perhaps many expected to see something close to the standard horror, but Aronofsky remained true to himself. The plot of "mom!" unfolds gradually, leading the viewer to an eccentric ending, but throughout the timing, a natural question arises: what the hell is happening on the screen? .. Lawrence and Aronofsky have already called their joint creation an allegory, and the critics seem to be imbued with it. According to them, such films are now rare. "mum!" Is a pretentious and mesmerizing movie that seems like a bad joke at one point, and then turns into a frightening warning.


The rom-com “Visiting Alice” dropped to fourth place, which, despite strong competitors, managed to retain most of the audience. The second week at the box office brought Holly Meyers-Shyer $ 5.3 million, and now the total gross amount is $ 17.1 million.

Not going to leave the top five action games "Killer's Bodyguard". Patrick Hughes' film added $ 3.6 million to the box office and boasts $ 70.4 million, more than double his $ 30 million budget.

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