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US Boxing Office continues to choke with fear

Image The past weekend officially ends the 2016 summer film season. On weekends, when the USA celebrates Labor Day , distributors delighted viewers with two novelties - the melodrama "Light in the Ocean" and the sci-fi thriller "Morgan". However, none of the debutants made it to the top five of the North American box office, and already well-established films appeared in the top.

The first place was retained by the horror film " Don't Breathe ". Horror has been leading the US box office for the second week, which was the last time another representative of the genre, the film “Ouija. Devil's board ", in 2014. This weekend has brought the tapes of Federico Alvarez $ 15.7 million to the piggy bank, and its total gross is $ 51.1 million .

Hollywood filmmakers have repeatedly used the theme of home entry burglary as the basis for the plot of thrillers, but Alvarez managed to turn an ordinary house into a labyrinth of fear, where the atmosphere is always tense to the limit. Critics talk about "Don't Breathe" as a mix of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Bloody Harvest" - events develop at lightning speed, and the endless struggle of the main characters for survival will definitely not let fans of the genre get bored.


Given the modest budget of the horror movie (only $ 9.9 million ), it can be assumed that the studio Screen Gems will follow in the footsteps of competitors and think about creating a sequel, especially since the ending "Don't breathe" predisposes to this.


The second position remained with " Suicide Squad " - the tape David Eyre lost only 18% of the audience and received a reward of $ 10 million , one step closer to the amount of $ 300 million at home. So far, the blockbuster can boast of earned $ 297.4 million , and according to forecasts, it will cross the coveted mark on Tuesday. Suicide villains are now the 15th highest grossing superhero release in the United States.


In third place, to the surprise of many, was the family fantasy " Pete and his dragon ". Having started at home, not too briskly, the film David Lowry temporarily dropped out of the top 5 of the US box office, but returned to work on a holiday weekend. This past weekend brought little Pete an additional $ 6.471 million , but this will not help much for the tape, with a budget of $ 65 million raised only $ 64.2 million . It is noteworthy that the film earned praise from critics who called it one of the best remakes of recent years, but at the same time it could not find its own audience and now claims to be on the list of losers of the ended summer film season.


The animation strip “ Kubo” was just a little missing. The Legend of the Samurai "to bypass " Pete and His Dragon " - the story of a brave boy brought its creators $ 6.467 million . The cartoon is another vivid example of how sometimes the opinions of critics and the desires of viewers do not coincide. The reviewers liked that the creation of the studio Laika brings us back to gothic fairy tales in which children should be brave and strong. Director Travis Knight in his first full-length project paid close attention to detail and elaboration of the characters, making Kubo a piece of great animation.


Closes today's review of one more cartoon, however, intended not for children, but for adults. The domestic audience is just about to get acquainted with the speaking food products, and the Americans are already beginning to get tired of them. In its fourth week at the box office, Complete Raskolbas has collected $ 5.3 million from laughing fans. All in all, the film Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan earned $ 88.4 million with a budget of $ 19 million , and therefore it is not surprising that producer Seth Rogen is ready to sausage further.

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Author: Jake Pinkman