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”The Vampire Chronicles” will move to TV

Image In recent years, more and more writers have begun to opt for television rather than film adaptations of their works. If the films often focus solely on entertainment, then in TV shows they do not forget how to reveal the images and characters of the main characters.

The creator of the famous book cycle " Vampire Chronicles " decided to support the fashion trend. On her official Facebook page, writer Anne Rice announced that her bestselling characters are ready to hit TV.

I'm delighted to announce that the film rights to The Vampire Chronicles have returned to me,” the American wrote. -Now my dream is to create a series of the highest quality about the adventures of Lestat , Louis , Arman , Marius and others heroes. Only a serial drama will make it possible to accurately convey the atmosphere of the world I have created”.


In August 2014, it became known that the writer made a deal with the studios Universal and Imagine Entertainment . A few days later, Josh Boone (The Fault in the Stars) received an invitation to direct the first film of the planned franchise, but since then the project has plunged into an information vacuum. “I was happy to work with these companies, but soon our team began to realize that the plan to bring“ The Vampire Chronicles ”to movie screens would not work, - admitted Rice. -I have often received letters from my fans asking them to regain the rights to the film adaptation and create a series that, like "Game of Thrones", would remain true to the spirit of the original. I am ready to fulfill their dreams. In the golden age of television, vampires must find shelter on small screens. "


The novels from the cycle " The Vampire Chronicles " have twice become the basis of feature films. In 1994, the premiere of the tape " Interview with a Vampire " with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Kirsten Dunst took place. The film adaptation of the first part of the book series was warmly received by critics, earned $ 223 million at the worldwide box office, and also received two Oscar nominations. Eight years later, the movie " Queen of the Damned " was released, which could not repeat the success of its predecessor either in terms of sympathy from the press representatives or in terms of box office receipts.


The script for the pilot for Anne Rice will be helped by her son Christopher. Considering that the writer's books have sold 100 million copies to date, the project for a television adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles is sure to arouse intense interest from the heads of America's largest air and cable channels.

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Author: Jake Pinkman