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Duke Nukem is eager to fight

Image Although film adaptations of famous video games have never been a critical success, leading Hollywood studios continue their attempts to establish partnerships with the leaders of one of the most popular areas of the modern entertainment industry. Next year, adventurer Lara Croft and the monsters from the video game Rampage will attempt to melt the hearts of the film press representatives. As it became known to the publication Movieweb , the legendary action hero Duke Nukem may follow them to the big screen.

The executive director of the studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford announced good news for fans of the franchise about a connoisseur of female beauty and a lover of giving his opponents juicy kicks.“We are currently working on a film adaptation of the Duke Nukem game series,” said the head of the game company at the E3 electronic entertainment show. -In recent years, many studios have shown interest in the project. Right now we are negotiating with one of the world's leading film companies. These are exactly the people who should be entrusted with the work on the film about Duke . The ideas they proposed blew my brain. I sincerely hope that we will be able to formalize the deal with them in the near future".

The first game about Duke Nukem was released in 1991. The main protagonist of the story gained such popularity in modern pop culture that soon he was noticed in Hollywood.


The first attempt to bring the heroes of the Duke Nukem series to the cinema was made in the late 90s, when Mortal Kombat producer Lawrence Kasanoff took an active interest in the project. The action of the action movie was to unfold in the favorite strip club Nyukema , which was flooded with a whole horde of unfriendly aliens. Unfortunately for gamers, work on the film was stopped due to budget problems. The project was nearly revived thanks to "Max Payne" producer Scott Fay. In 2008, his company Depth Entertainment announced its readiness to finance a film about Duke , but soon the game series changed ownership and came under the control of Gearbox Software .

In 2011, Gearbox released Duke Nukem Forever, which failed to impress not only picky critics but loyal fans of the franchise. It is possible that with the film about the adventures of Nukem , the company hopes to make an attempt to revive the popular game series.


Pitchford also shared with Gearbox Software fans progress on a feed based on the fantastic shooter Borderlands , which is being created by Lionsgate b>started in summer 2015. As it became known, the Hollywood studio is considering the idea of creating an entire cinematic universe in the spirit of the superhero franchise Marvel . “Instead of repeating the plots of existing games, we decided to create a new canon, - noted Randy . -At the same time, we firmly intend to use characters already familiar to gamersin the films of the Borderlands universe. "


The start date of filming the first film based on the game series Borderlands has not yet been announced.

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