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Casting: Solitude in Space and Paddington's Return

Image According to the information portal Variety , the star of the series "Breaking Bad" ( Breaking Bad ) and "The Path" ( The Path ) Aaron Paul will accompany Olga Kurylenko on the stage of the sci-fi thriller " Android ".

The film will be headed by Niall Johnson (Shut Up), who co-wrote the screenplay with Matt O'Reilly.

The action tape will unfold on a spaceship orbiting Neptune. The protagonist played by Aaron Paul dreams of resurrecting his wife ( Kurylenko ) and his son in the guise of robots. But when machines begin to demand independence, the life of their creator is in great danger ...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Time Loop") is ready to go into space - the actor will play the main role in the science fiction film Sovereign . The director's chair for the thriller is given to Briton Mark Manden (Utopia / Utopia ), while Jack Thorne is working on the script (How I Love Now).


Gordon-Levitt will play a man whose marriage is going through hard times. When the hero's wife and the entire crew of the space station disappear during the mission, he goes in search of them. While exploring the ship, the central character learns the true reason for the disappearance of people and will be forced to accept his own feelings about what happened.

Filming has begun on the sequel " The Adventures of Paddington " and the last to join the cast are Hugh Grant (Bridget Jones's Diary) and Brendan Gleeson b>("Golgotha"). The second part is still led by Paul King, with Simon Fairnaby assisting him in writing the script.


Audiences will meet Paddington again when he finally settles in the Brown family . The bear cub has become very popular among the neighbors, whom he regularly pleases with jars of jam. In search of a birthday present for Aunt Lucy Paddington finds a rare book in an antique store, and when it goes missing, the protagonist and the Browns go in search of the intruder. Hugh Grant got the role of Phoenix Buchanan - a boastful and charming actor, whose star has begun to fade in recent years. Gleason will play the legendary strongman and part-time thief, who unexpectedly becomes an ally of Paddington .

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