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”Jungle Cruise” lured the director of ”Suicide Squad 2”

Image Just a few weeks ago it was reported that the Spaniard Jaume Collet-Serra is the main candidate for the director's post of the second part of the superhero blockbuster Warner Bros. Suicide Squad. However, the director, apparently, received a more tempting offer.

According to the sources of the portal Deadline , Collet Serra will take on the long-term construction of the studio Disney , the movie "Jungle Cruise", to which Dwayne "The Rock" is already assigned Johnson as the lead actor. Probably, the filmmaker considered that the opportunity to create a new adventure franchise in the spirit of Indiana Jones with one of the most popular movie stars today (for example, as it was with Gore Verbinski and his Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp) is much better than continuing the story begun by another director. Production of the picture is due to start next spring.

Plot details have been kept under wraps for now, but it is known that Jungle Cruise , like Pirates of the Caribbean , is based on a classic attraction at Disneyland b>, in which guests are invited to go on a boat excursion along the banks of the world's largest rivers - from the Nile and Congo in Africa to the Amazon in South America.


Disney Studios has been trying to start production of the film since 2004. At one time, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were assigned as performers of the main roles, and Roger Schulman worked on the script. The action was supposed to develop at the present time, but then it was decided to transfer the heroes to the 50s. The next on the project was the creative duet of screenwriters-directors John Recua and Glenn Ficarra ("Focus", "This Stupid Love"). But in the end, none of the versions were implemented.

The final script is written by John D. Payne and Patrick McKay, with Davis Entertainment , FlynnPicturesCo. and Seven Bucks Productions ...


Among the works of the Spanish director Jaume Collet Serra are the horror films "House of Wax" and "Child of Darkness", as well as several action films with Liam Neeson - "Unknown", "Air Marshal" and "Night Fugitive" ... The director's latest work, The Shallows, about a surfer fighting a giant shark, earned $ 119 million worldwide with a budget of $ 17 million . Not so long ago, Collet Serra finished filming the detective thriller "Passenger" with Neeson and Vera Farmiga, which is due out on the big screens in early January next year.

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