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USA Boxing Office: Dory Celebrates Independence Day

Image Last weekend ( June 24-26 ), the new leader in the US box office never showed up - the first place was left for the blue fish Dory , and most of the debutants were not surprised by the impressive results.

The cartoon " Finding Dory " added to its piggy bank $ 73.2 million and received in just ten days at the box office $ 286.6 million , which makes his 13th highest-grossing animation in box office history. On the world stage, Angus McLane and Andrew Stanton also boast an excellent result - it has already earned $ 397 million (including home fees).

As for the reviews, foreign critics, for the most part, praise the new creation of Pixar . The beautiful animation, the moral dilemmas raised in the film are all proprietary techniques of the studio, but, according to some reviewers, the sequel Finding Nemo lacked inventiveness. It is difficult to find something outstanding here that viewers have not seen in other Pixar cartoons, which, however, in no way affects the aesthetic pleasure received while watching the tape.


The success of the film allowed the studio Disney , which owns Pixar , to consolidate the status of a triumphant - for the 12th time the project of the major takes the first line of the financial rating this year.

The owner of the second place can hardly be proud of his achievements. The blockbuster " Independence Day: Rebirth " was released 20 years after the original film premiered with Will Smith. But either the topic of fighting aliens has become boring to the audience, or they are simply tired of the abundance of all kinds of sequels, the second Independence Day received only $ 41.6 million at its disposal. A similar result - only a quarter of the blockbuster budget ( $ 165 million ), and now the creators of the tape have to rely on a foreign audience. She has already taken to the box office of cinemas $ 101.4 million , but at home the film Roland Emmerich should not hope for an amount greater than $ 110 million .


The critics' verdict for the sequel is disappointing - bad script and too naive plot. Of course, the special effects and action scenes deserve the highest marks, but the modern viewer is too sophisticated to get enough of only a visual picture. Emmerich , in general, does not offer anything new, and only Jeff Goldblum's humor saves the tape from boredom.


The comedy " One and a half spy " has dropped to the third line. Last weekend, its box office increased by $ 18.4 million . In total, the film Rawson Marshall Thurber grossed $ 69.3 million in two weeks, which can be called a good result for a project with a budget of $ 50 million . Apparently, viewers will see Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart together more than once as a comedy duo.


The fourth position is occupied by the rental debutant - the thriller "The Shoal" with Blake Lively in the title role. Of all the newcomers last week, this Sony film performed better than the rest, raising $ 16.7 million - an amount almost equal to the film's budget ( $ 17 million ).

A fresh breath of air in the blockbuster season - this is how critics described the film Jaume Collet-Serra . Each frame of the picture is so thought out by the director that you really start to worry about the main character and her safety. Among the large-scale action offered by Hollywood for viewing, The Shallow is an atmospheric movie that has much more value than just another comic strip or super action movie.


And the drama “ Free State of Jones ” closes the top five, which unfortunately failed to find its audience. In total, $ 7.8 million went to the Gary Ross tape, the worst of any Matthew McConaughey film in a decade. Reviewers had mixed feelings about the historical epic. Most agreed that Jones Free State was too much like a lecture on history: dry facts without unnecessary emotion.

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Author: Jake Pinkman