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Lyudmila Ivanova passed away

Image Today, at the age of 84, actress Lyudmila Ivanova has died, reports RIA Novosti . She was admitted to a Moscow hospital on September 29. It was not possible to save the life of Lyudmila in the intensive care unit. In recent years, the actress had serious health problems, but at the same time she did not stop playing in the theater and participating in the filming of television programs.

USA viewers will forever remember her Shurochka from "Office Romance" - a fussy activist and social activist who collects money for the funeral of a living colleague. It so happened that the main roles of Lyudmila Ivanovna were episodic roles, but she managed to perform them brightly and with a twist that instantly wins the audience's hearts.


People's Artist of the RSFSR, she has performed more than 80 film roles. Among the famous films with her participation - "Flights in dreams and in reality", "Remember your name", "The most charming and attractive", "Singing teacher". But the life of the actress was more connected with the Moscow theater " Contemporary ", in which she served almost from the first day of its foundation.

The LostFilm.INFO editorial team expresses sincere condolences to the family and friends of Lyudmila Ivanovna !

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