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Eat or will be eaten

Image In recent years, film fans have witnessed a revival of the horror genre. Modern horror films do not require huge financial investments and promise fabulous profits to Hollywood bosses. It is quite natural that more and more American film studios are beginning to try their hand at creating chilling films.

According to Deadline , a young Los Angeles-based company Penchant Entertainment has become infected with the horroromania virus. The Hollywood studio begins work on the Taste tape, which was written by the author of the thriller "No One Lived" David Cohen .

The main character of the film will be a young culinary specialist who has received an invitation to cook several delicious dishes for the visitors of a popular gastronomic club. Dreams about the place of the chef of an elite establishment will have to be postponed until better times, when the girl discovers that she and her lover are at risk of becoming dinner for the guests of the evening ...

Joe Lynch , who is very familiar with the horror genre, has been entrusted with the director's post. The American clip-maker's debut full-length film in 2012 was the comedy horror film "Knights of the Cool Kingdom" starring.


The Lynch production team is expected to begin work on the Taste feed this summer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman