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The Hunger Games of Harry Potter

Image Film and television producers continue to take a marked interest in stories of magical worlds and their inhabitants. Last year, Magicians heroes successfully found shelter on small screens, and recently Warner Bros. studio announced its readiness to significantly expand the film series "Fantastic Beasts and Where Are They live. "

Now it became known that the company 20th Century Fox has decided to create its fantasy franchise. According to The Tracking Board , the Hollywood major has acquired the rights to film the book Nevermoor by Australian Jessica Townsend .

The tape will tell about the adventures of Morrigan Crowe , which was destined to die on the day of her nineth birthday. However, at the set hour, the girl is snatched from the clutches of death by a mysterious stranger named Jupiter . He invites Morrigan to complete four incredibly dangerous trials to earn the right to enter the high society of the magical city Nevermoor . The situation is complicated by the fact that other children with a wide variety of magical abilities become her rivals ...


The novel is currently being prepared for publication. Last month, the Townsend manuscript made a splash at the Frankfurt Book Fair , where the Australian writer managed to strike a deal with the American publishing house Hachette Book Group . Nevermoor is expected to kick-start a new fantasy cycle. Critics have already compared the work of Townsend with such popular book series as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman