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Mangold will film a story about an imaginary cat

Image Director James Mangold, whose recent work includes Wolverine: The Immortal and Logan, definitely has a soft spot for creatures with sharp claws. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the filmmaker's next projects will be an adaptation of the children's book by Catherine Alice Applegate, entitled Crenshaw.

In the center of the plot is the boy Jackson, whose family is going through difficult times. They have no money for rent, and they barely have enough money for food. The hero, along with his parents, younger sister and a dog, may have to live in a minibus. Again. At this very moment in Jackson's life, he reappears to help, his imaginary friend - a huge cat named Cranshaw. But is an imaginary friend enough to save this family from losing everything?

Katherine Applegate's tale is a magical tale of family, friendship, and fortitude that unexpectedly proves that friends, real or imaginary, matter. "Cranshaw" is not the only work of the writer, which attracted the attention of Hollywood filmmakers. The One and Only Ivan book, for which Applegate received the 2013 John Newbury Medal (Annual Literary Award for Outstanding Contribution to American Literature for Children), is also preparing to make its way to the screen. Only unlike Cranshaw, it will be an animation tape. The production of the picture is carried out by the Disney studio, and the actress Angelina Jolie will give her voice to one of the characters.


At the moment, Mangold has been assigned to several films at once and it is not yet known exactly when he will find the time to shoot a fairy tale. For several years the director has been assigned the long-running projects Parting in Blue, in which Christian Bale was to play the main role, and Three Little Words with Amanda Seyfred, and the director's plans include the crime thriller The Force. In addition, at the end of October, it was reported that the director had begun work on the script for a solo film about the mutant girl Laura, known as X-23, who appeared in the blockbuster Logan.

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