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Aliens Next Door: Watch This Week

Image Next week our distributors decided to relax a bit and offer movie fans a choice of only three new items: the epic action Independence Day: Rebirth , the hilarious (hopefully) comedy Neighbors. On the warpath 2 " and the USA film Breakfast at Daddy's , which is also announced as a comedy.

Independence Day: Rebirth is a sequel to the 1996 film, in which Will Smith's character rescued the Earth from an invasion of alien armada. With a budget of $ 75 million, the first part grossed more than $ 816 million worldwide and won an Oscar in the Best Visual Effects category. According to the official description of the sequel's plot, having learned from their mistakes, the inhabitants of the planet created a special cool defense so that no more alien could encroach on the quiet life of the Americans. But the aliens are also not fools - armed with their own latest developments, they made a new attempt to make a forshmak out of Earth. And now, of course, all of us will be saved only by another group of daredevils.

Dubbed trailer

The picture will definitely appeal to all lovers to watch from large screens and even with 3D glasses how luxuriously skyscrapers, cars, giant liners, miserable people and their furniture carefully selected in the IKEA store - everything goes to hell and turns to dust while the team is bad trained scientists is trying to analyze the situation and develop an action plan.“We do not have any specific plan, but you hold on, all the best, good mood and health”- this is how it looks in the trailer. Well, to fully enjoy the fall of the world's main capitals, you will have to fork out for a ticket.

Recall that the director of the sequel was, as in the original, Roland Emmerich, and the cast of the second Independence Day includes Liam Hemsworth, Mike Monroe, William Fichtner, Joey King and even Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Duplicate trailer

If it hurts to watch the world's finest architectural monuments crumbling, unwind at the comedy Neighbors. On the warpath 2 " . In the first film, we recall, a young couple with a child and the student community located in a nearby building were in conflict. The first wanted a quiet, peaceful life in a well-groomed area and a sound sleep at night. The latter, on the contrary, preferred to jump into the pool with wild squeals and play beer-pong with gambling cries. The collection of the original satisfied its creators, and they decided on a sequel.

This time, the women's community will disturb the peace of ordinary American inhabitants, and the main characters, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), will increase their chances of winning this battle, turn to their former enemy Teddy (Zac Efron). After all, he, like no one else, knows how to spoil the life of annoying neighbors. In the director's chair of the sequel, they decided to leave the original director Nicholas Stoller, and, according to the first critics, they did the right thing. In their opinion, there was no need for a continuation, however, with humor in this tape, everything is still in order. Chloe Grace Moretz also appears there. In a swimsuit.


Finally, for moviegoers with the strangest tastes in our cinemas, the USA comedy "Breakfast at Papa's" will open. She will talk about a successful narcissistic man in whose life a ten-year-old daughter suddenly appeared. Like all normal children, Alya asks uncomfortable questions, demands attention, breaks Dad's valuable property and bores him in every way. Until one day, on business of the company, the protagonist actually does not need a fictitious child. From such an uncomplicated plot, director Maria Kravchenko honestly tried to mold candy, but the critics turned out to be merciless: a good topic (there should be a family - and that's the point!) Was overgrown with unnecessary glamorous details and depressing modern realities (“Listen, there are no normal families in Moscow! »), so that the result was a movie for girls deprived of their fathers. The question is

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