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US Boxing Office Still Dreams of Ragnarok

Image Almighty Thor did not disappoint the distributors last weekend (November 10-12) and without much effort remained at the top of the financial rating. However, the newcomers to the North American rental showed excellent results at the start, exceeding their expectations.

No matter how the fathers or the passengers of the Orient Express wanted to get ahead, they still could not jump higher than their heads, which allowed the blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok to retain its first place in the US box office. Last weekend brought Taiki Waititi an additional $ 56.6 million, and now, after just ten days at the box office, the picture is in 12th place among all Marvel Comics. The day is near when "Ragnarok", which earned $ 211.6 million, will leave behind "Doctor Strange" with his $ 232.6 million. Moreover, in such a short time, the triquel has already bypassed both the first and the second parts in terms of collection in home theaters .

The new "Thor" was equally warmly received outside the United States. Viewers from other countries have replenished the blockbuster's piggy bank for $ 438.5 million, and the total amount of $ 650.1 million allowed him to break into the top ten grossing films of this year.


Thor's hegemony in the North American box office is understandable: critics and audiences alike liked the film thanks to the successful mix of action, humor and Marvel mythology. Trikvel is more like the bright and cheerful "Guardians of the Galaxy" than the two previous films about the Scandinavian god. And every member of the stellar cast got the opportunity to express themselves from a new side, whether it is about the handsome Chris Hemsworth or the winner of two Oscars Cate Blanchett.


Comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 "managed to bypass its closest competitor, the next adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, and started at $ 30 million. In 2015, the original raised $ 8 million more, but then the Christmas holidays played into his hands. In any case, Studio Paramount won, as the sequel in terms of premiere performance is in second place among all major releases this year, behind only the fifth "Transformers". With Paramount bosses disenchanted with projects such as Monster Trucks, Rescuers Malibu, and Suburbicon, Sean Anders' film enjoys comparative audience success. The comedy even received an A- rating from early theatergoers.

Critics, of course, do not share the audience's delight, calling the film a stupid and cliched continuation of the mediocre original. Lack of funny jokes and wasted acting potential (it's all to blame for a terrible script) are the main problems of comedy. That, however, did not stop the audience from enjoying the funny duet of fathers Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, who are now joined by grandfathers John Lithgow and Mel Gibson.


Kenneth Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express was content with third place and a gross of $ 28.2 million. Analysts believe the film has suffered severely from its failure to attract audiences under 25 to theaters. And yet, given the not too active blotting campaign of the tape, this result seems to be quite bearable. The detective feels even better outside the United States, where viewers left $ 57.2 million at his screenings.

Critical reviews did not help increase the popularity of the film. The creators of Murder on the Orient Express were quick to assure the press that they focused on the picture, and not on the detective component. This, apparently, affected the final perception of the classic story of Agatha Christie by the audience. Among the pluses, reviewers note a great cast and interesting characters, but there is no real intrigue or emotional tension in Brana's creation.


Another comedy, Bad Moms 2, is doing well. Despite the competition in the face of a couple of fathers, the tape of Scott Moore and John Lucas lost about 30% of the audience, but collected an additional $ 11.5 million. Now the financial account of mothers is $ 39.9 million, but the main audience of the sequel is in the USA, which means that It will not be easy for a painting to recoup its $ 28 million budget. In addition, the second part cannot boast of anything remarkable in terms of the originality of the plot.


The eighth "Saw" lagged on the fifth line, knocking out another $ 3.4 million from the intimidated viewers. with a budget of $ 10 million, but on the other hand, among all the parts of the franchise, the eighth is lagging behind. A clear hint that the Constructor and his followers should rest.

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