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Casting: Media Mogul and Intelligence Officer

Image Andy Serkis perfectly manages to combine acting and directing careers. Soon his drama "Breathe for Us" will open in USA cinemas, the long-awaited "The Jungle Book: The Beginning" will be released next year, and even earlier Serkis can be seen as Ulysses Klaw in "Black Panther". According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is now heading to the set of the Flarsky comedy.

The director of the film is Jonathan Levin (The Warmth of Our Bodies), and the main roles are given to Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. Unlucky journalist Fred Flarsky (Rogen) takes center stage and decides that his life will change for the better if he wins the heart of his childhood love and ex-nanny (Theron). There is only one obstacle: the girl grew up and became the secretary of state.

The source reports that Serkis got the role of a media mogul, in combination - the boss of Fred Flarsky. The comedy will hit the big screens in February 2019.


We recently announced that another John le Carre novel, The Little Drummer, will be adapted for TV, with Florence Pugh starring in the series. Now it became known that she will be accompanied by Alexander Skarsgard ("Tarzan. Legend"). Will lead the filming of the drama Park Chang-wok ("Oldboy").

Pugh will play an actress named Charlie, who, during her vacation in Greece, has a friendship that can grow into something more, with the mysterious stranger Becker (Skarsgard). It soon turns out that the young man has ulterior motives. As an Israeli intelligence officer, he engages Charlie in a dangerous political game.


The cast of the biographical drama A Private War has been replenished: Tom Hollander (Taboo) has joined him. Biopic will tell the story of the famous war correspondent Marie Colvin, played by Rosamund Pike. The film will focus on Colvin's journalistic work, covering events in such zones of military conflicts as Chechnya, Kosovo, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, where Marie lost her left eye. What role went to Tom Hollander is not yet reported. Jamie Dornan is also involved in the filming, and the director's chair is given to Matt Heineman ("Land of the Cartels").

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Author: Jake Pinkman