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The Guardians Star Will Have a Roadside Picnic

Image Channel WGN America , which last year announced the start of work on a television version of " Roadside Picnic ", has completed its search for an actor to star in the project. According to the site Deadline , Matthew Goode will play the central character in the pilot episode of the series.

The novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky was adapted by Jack Paglen ("Supremacy"), and the pilot will be directed by Alan Taylor ("Terminator: Genisys").

The action of the original takes place in the town of Harmont, not far from which is the so-called Zone - an anomalous territory where the usual laws of physics do not apply. Matthew Goode will play Red , a seasoned stalker looking for artifacts in the Zone to sell them on the black market. Red is described by the creators of the series as a mysterious person who can at one moment be an example of politeness, and after a moment show unprecedented cruelty.

The novel Strugatskikh has already been filmed - it formed the basis for the film "Stalker", filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979.


Matthew Goode moviegoers will probably remember from the role of Adrian Veidt from the film adaptation of the graphic novel "Keepers". The actor is also known for the films "The Imitation Game" and "Beyond / Himself", and this year he can be seen in the drama by Robert Zemeckis "5 Seconds of Silence".

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