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The Curse of Annabelle Director Continues Scarecrow

Image In the mid-90s, John R. Leonetti received press praise for his cinematography on Tales from the Crypt and in The Mask and Deadly battle ”, but in 1997 he almost gave up on his future in Hollywood. His directorial debut, Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation, was critically smashed and turned into a box office flop. A renaissance in John's career only happened many years later, when he began collaborating with James Wan. Over the past decade, Leonetti has acted as a cinematographer for the acclaimed master of horror films five times, and two years ago he finally came to success as a director, when his film "The Curse of Annabelle" earned almost forty times its $ 6.5 million budget.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , John decided to solidify his status as a box office director with the horror movie “ Make a Wish ” * ( Wish Upon ) studio Broad Green Pictures . Leonetti to be transferred to the screens of the script by Barbara Marshall ("Stargate Universe" / SGU Stargate Universe , "Terra Nova" / Terra Nova ), which last year was included in the Blacklist of Hollywood's best unrealized ideas.

In the center of the plot of the film will be a 16-year-old loser Claire , who became the owner of a magic box. The mysterious object promises to give her new mistress the life she has always dreamed of, but the girl still does not realize that a bloody price will be paid for fulfilling her every wish ...


Horror filming is expected to begin this fall. Sherryl Clarke ("Monstro") will take over the production.

* - preliminary translation.

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