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Razor Sharp

Image Comics remain one of the main sources of ideas in Hollywood, and during the blockbuster season, viewers will see more than one movie based on the motives of the picture books. However, if many movie fans have heard about the products of the DC and Marvel publishing houses, few people know about other publications. One of these comics is about to hit the big screens.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Number 11 Films and Lotus Entertainment have acquired the rights to film adaptation of the Razor graphic novel series. created by Everett Hartsow in 1992 and became part of the then bad girl trend in the industry. The project is produced by Jeff Most (The Raven), Philip Lee (The Dark Knight), Jim Steele (Arrival) and Sean Lydyard (Come With Me), and is directed by Rob Cohen .

The name Cohen is associated by many moviegoers with the movie "Three X's" and the first part of the popular "Fast and Furious" franchise. Among the latest films of the director at the moment are the thrillers "Fan" and "I, Alex Cross". Rob is also familiar with the world of comics - he is one of the authors of the graphic novel Red Dog .


The original comic featured Nicole Mitchell , the eldest daughter of Frank Mitchell , Los Angeles police detective, who was killed when Nicole was still a child ... Since then, she has set out to eradicate crime in her native Chinatown. At night, she becomes an avenger in a mask that protects ordinary people, and during the day she helps difficult teenagers. Soon, the girl finds out that her sister Jacqueline , whom she believed dead, is alive, and the crime boss who killed Frank turned her into a mercenary. As a result of a skirmish with her sister, Nicole dies, but she is brought back to life by implanting sharp blades into the heroine's body.


The first attempts to film the comic were made back in 2009, but then the circumstances were not the best for the project. Now it's Rob Cohen's turn to breathe new life into the picture of the resurrected avenger, especially since such heroines are popular today. It is noteworthy that on the printed pages Nicole Mitchell intersected with The Raven , about which a new film is being prepared. Perhaps someday the characters will meet on the big screens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman