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Lionsgate talks about the dangers of teleportation

Image Simultaneously with the transfer of the film "Teleport" to the television screens, the studio Lionsgate launched another project, in the plot of which teleportation plays an important role. As it became known to the news outlet Deadline , the company continues to assemble a team for its upcoming sci-fi thriller titled The Punch Escrow . The film will be a screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Tal M. Klein, to which Lionsgate acquired the rights in April this year.

The project is directed by James Bobin (Muppets, Alice Through the Looking Glass), while David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman from Mandeville Films / TV , who worked on the recent hit Beauty and monster".

The events of the novel develop in the year 2147. Advances in nanotechnology have enabled humans to control aging. Genetically modified mosquitoes feed on carbon vapor instead of blood, ending air pollution. Teleportation has become an ideal form of transport, and is engaged in it by the world's most powerful monopoly corporation.

The protagonist - Joel Byram leads the most ordinary life, working every day to ensure that creatures with artificial intelligence behave more human, and trying to save their falling apart marriage. He was the most ordinary guy of the XXII century with the usual problems, until one day he accidentally split in two during a teleportation. Now Joel has to outwit the shadow organization that controls teleportation, outrun and destroy a religious sect, and find a way to return to his beloved woman in a world where he now has a double.


Tal has created a unique vibrant world that forces us to ask critical questions about our relationship with technology,- shared Todd Lieberman . -And he does it with such ease, accessibility and humor that after reading you feel that at the same time you received new information, and emotionally excited, and how you should have fun. "

In addition to Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, which grossed over $ 1.2 billion , Hoberman and Lieberman have worked as executive producers on films in the Divergent franchise. Future projects for the duo include the drama Stronger about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the film adaptation of the novel by R.J. Palacio Miracle with Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay.

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