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US Boxing Office: Ben Hur's Chariot Can't Keep Up with Suicides

Image Last weekend, the competition in the North American box office was supposed to be strengthened by the epic of Timur Bekmambetov " Ben-Hur ", but it did not arouse much interest among moviegoers, and therefore the positions of the leaders of last week remained unshakable.

" Suicide Squad " continues to lead the financial rankings for the third week in a row - this weekend ended for the blockbuster David Eyre with a result of $ 20.7 million . The film is one step closer to the $ 300 million mark, and now the gang of villains have $ 262.3 million in their piggy bank. At the world box office (taking into account home fees), the picture earned $ 572.7 million , which makes it the eighth in the list of releases this year.

The hype surrounding the film Eira does not subside until now. Jared Leto played the role of The Joker and recently added fuel to the fire. According to the actor, most of the scenes with his participation were not included in the final version, and the initial concept of the project was described to him in a completely different way than it turned out in the end.


Be that as it may, while suicides are by no means the highest-grossing film comic strip DC and in the list headed by "The Dark Knight" they occupy only the fifth position.

The second place in the rating was retained by the animated comedy " The Complete Rumble ", which grossed an additional $ 15.3 million . Talking sausages and buns in two weeks at the box office earned three times their production budget - $ 65.3 million . The cartoon also benefits from positive reviews from reviewers who noted how well the creators of the film combined humor and issues of racial discrimination and religion.


The next places in the top 5 were taken by overseas newcomers. So, behind the "The Complete Sicker" is another comedy with a rating R - " Guys with Guns " with John Hill and Miles Teller in the lead roles ... The weekend earned $ 14.3 million for Todd Phillips , best known for the Hangover in Vegas trilogy. This is not a quick start for a picture with a budget of $ 45 million .


The reviews from critics and viewers are also not encouraging: the latter gave the film a B rating, and the reviewers were divided into two camps. Some say that Phillips managed to create a real adult movie, funny, but not devoid of a sense of reality. Others did not like this approach, spiced with a good dose of cynicism: too clearly Phillips makes fun of the American dream, leaving the characters completely flat.

ImageCartoon “ Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai "was responsible for family entertainment last weekend and received $ 12.6 million . Among all the creations of the company Laika , the tape Travis Knight took the last place in terms of the amount of debut fees. However, this does not prevent the picture from delighting the audience, who accepted it with a bang, and critics, who were not stingy with rave reviews. In their opinion, the cartoon turned out to be incredibly beautiful and inspiring, and during each subsequent viewing you can find new details in it.

The loser "Ben-Hur" closes the top five, whose audience turned out to be smaller than the filmmakers expected. The fees equal to $ 11.4 million already allow us to say that Bekmambetov's peplum will be one of the loudest failures of this summer. With a budget of $ 100 million , the picture should have made a lot more at the start, but in the end it is content with only the fifth place and sharp criticism.

Many analysts argue that Ben Hur is further proof that remakes and sequels now have to be either great or original in order to be successful with viewers. Failures this year have plagued the second Independence Day and the female version of Ghostbusters. True, it is not yet clear when Hollywood filmmakers will begin to learn from their mistakes, as the number of sequels and reboots is growing exponentially.


Reviewers rejoice at least that such a great story, which was the basis for Ben-Hur , is difficult to spoil. And yet, even if the individual finds of Bekmabetov made the visual component of the picture impressive, its emotional content suffered greatly. The scene of the chariot race, which, according to critics, was edited and filmed extremely ineptly, did not save the day.

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Author: Jake Pinkman