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Princess of the Amazons and the new Zvyagintsev: watch this week

Image Summer time has long been associated not only with vacations, dacha and potatoes. Summer is the time for blockbusters in movies. And the very first weekend of June will present the viewer with several "badabum" pictures at once, some of the author's and a little bit of France. But first things first ...

Wonder Woman is another attempt by Warner Bros. to bring the world of DC comics. True, this time several factors at once make us hope for a positive result. When a female filmmaker takes on the story of a comic book superhero, it's worth paying attention to.

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Primarily because Patty Jenkins gave the world the wonderful drama Monster with Charlize Theron. Secondly, pictures, where the heroine of comics is at the forefront, has not been on the big screen since the disastrous "Electra". And thirdly, it is curious how a strong and independent heroine from graphic novels will be shown, caught in the world of patriarchy and the embrace of Chris Pine.

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The owner of a wide smile, an even wider trapezoid and simply the broadest soul, Dwayne Johnson, from June 1, will show himself as a Coast Guard officer in a dramedy with an "adult" rental rating. Rescuers Malibu is a full-length remake of the classic 80s series that turned David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson into first-class stars. There are many interesting facts connected with the production of the tape. For example, when filming had already started, Pamela Anderson self-confidently declared that Malibu Rescuers , in which she was not, were doomed to fail. It is not known whether the producers turned out to be so superstitious, or whether the actress was supported by the owner of a wide trapezoid, but in the end both Anderson and her famous “pamela” were found in the film.


Our great compatriot Andrei Petrovich Zvyagintsev will present his new drama Dislike . To date, the director has already achieved such recognition from the USA public that each of his films becomes a real event - just remember how many discussed the same "Leviathan". And Dislike was recently shown in Cannes and received very high critical acclaim there. In a word, “look, you must not miss it.”

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Chris Evans decided to temporarily put aside Captain America's shield, grow a beard and star in the family drama Gifted . The modern viewer has already seen a lot of films about the relationship between father and daughter, in particular, the French have recently well revealed this topic in "2 + 1". However, more than 60% of positive reviews for "Gifted" on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes show that the authors of the tape managed to find something in this story that deserves the attention of viewers. We will see how the Chris Evans devoid of superpowers will behave, defending his paternal rights, on June 1.

ImageThe motherland of cinema will be represented by the dramedy “French Divorce” . The picture continues the storyline, which began with the film "Pedal Love". When each of the former spouses finds new love, it's great. Just what should they do with their children? The French somehow manage to tell completely unfunny (and even tragic) stories over and over again quite amusingly. We will find out next week whether the filmmakers managed to maintain the balance between seriousness and good humor, which they demonstrated in "Loves Around" .
The one who will really have freedom is the younger generation. The distributors have carefully prepared a whole scattering of animated films for those who went on vacation. Zucchini Life not only received positive reviews from critics on both sides of the ocean, but was also nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Feature category. Inspiration for the cartoon SPARK. Hero of the Universe " the authors obviously drew from the story of another powerful primate - Sun Wukong. And "Underwater Era" will tell about the time when people on Earth will no longer be, and all life will be concentrated in the depths of the World Ocean.

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