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People and Masks

Image Renowned producer Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan) will give viewers the opportunity to discover the secrets of the international black market for art. According to The Tracking Board , The Mark Gordon Company has acquired the film rights to Lily Wright Dancing with the Tiger ...

For ten years, Wright has worked as a journalist in New York, Connecticut, Utah and Mexico, and is currently teaching literature at an Indiana university. Dancing with the Tiger went on sale a few months ago and has already received a lot of good reviews.

The main heroine of the novel is the American Anna Ramsey , who at the request of her father went to Mexico in search of the death mask of Montezuma II . Anna does not yet realize that black diggers, art collectors and even the head of the famous drug cartel have their own views on the ancient artifact. Traveling Ramsey in Latin America runs the risk of becoming mortally dangerous, because another competitor can always be hiding behind the mask of a friend ...


Mark Gordon will personally produce the film, and Josh Clay Phillips , who is just beginning his career in Hollywood, will be the curator of the film adaptation of Wright . His first project was the horror "Calls", which will premiere in USA next February.

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Author: Jake Pinkman