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Amazon will reveal the secrets of heaven

Image Amazon Studios is on the verge of securing one of the UK's most ambitious backlog projects. According to the portal Deadline , the management of the company is ready to conclude a deal to acquire a script application for the film The Aeronauts by Jack Thorne (The Long Fall).

The project is seen as the next directorial work for Tom Harper - the British famous for such TV shows as War & Peace ( War & Peace ) and Peaky Blinders ( Peaky Blinders ). If we talk about the achievements of Harper in the cinema, then among them you can find the films "The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death", "The War Book" and "The Book of Scouts for Boys.

Harper's new movie will be based on true events. In 1862, the pilot Amelia Wren and the scientist James Glacier embarked on an amazing journey, intending to uncover the secrets of heaven. Then they managed to rise in a balloon higher than any of their predecessors, but such an achievement cost the heroes dearly - they had to fight for their own lives ...


The film is produced by Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman of Mandeville Films , who will be presenting a new version of Beauty and the Beast to viewers next year, along with Disney .

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