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They'll all be back

Image When Arnold Schwarzenegger let out to reporters in August that filming for the new Terminator would begin next year, many thought the actor might wishful thinking. More recently, however, Tim Miller (Deadpool) was officially confirmed as director of the project, and Schwarzenegger's words made sense. As The Hollywood Reporter found out, Arnie will not be the only old-timer in the franchise to return in Part 6. He will be accompanied by Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first two films.

“She had a huge impact on action stars back then, and her return as a seasoned fighter will be just as important now. Guys who are over 50 are fighting on screens with bad guys, but there is no such example among women ”, - said James Cameron. It was he who developed the plot of the sixth "Terminator" and will act as one of the producers of the future film.

In addition, Cameron and Miller are preparing an entire trilogy. It is not yet clear if all the parts will be linked together by a single story. The duo even managed to put together a group of authors: it included David S. Goyer ("The Dark Knight"), Charles Egley ("Dexter") and Josh Friedman ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles").


Studios Paramount and Skydance have already tried to restart the film series, but "Terminator Genisys", although it paid off at the box office, did not live up to the expectations of the fans of the franchise. Terminator 6, in turn, will be a direct sequel to Doomsday, in which Cameron and Miller plan to introduce viewers to new characters. The trilogy will be built around them.

“We are embarking on a quest for an actress to play the 18-year-old who will be the centerpiece of the story,,” noted Cameron. -We will have new heroes from the future and the present. The plot will focus on them, but the characters of Arnold and Linda will act as a link. ”.


The premiere date for the new "Terminator" has not been determined, but if filming begins next year, the release of the film will likely take place in 2019 or 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman