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Tom Hardy will capture the horrors of war

Image He was mad Max, wanted Leonardo DiCaprio dead so badly that he earned an Oscar nomination, and now he is ready to go to the war zone. We are talking about Tom Hardy , who, according to the site Deadline , got the main role in the biopic of Don McCullin.

McCullin is a renowned British war photographer. He spent his childhood in poverty in a poor area of London, but in the end, thanks to his natural talent, he became one of the most famous photojournalists in the world. McCullin has covered armed conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Cyprus and many other hot spots. In 2012, David and Jacques Morris even dedicated a documentary to Don .

The new project will be based on the autobiography of the photographer, which was adapted for large screens by Gregory Burke ("71").


Tom Hardy is currently filming Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, the actor's third collaboration since the blockbusters The Dark Knight Rises and The Beginning. Tom also plans to work on the musical "Rocket Man", in which Hardy will play Sir Elton John.

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Author: Jake Pinkman