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Bradley Cooper will go skydiving

Image In 2013, Bradley Cooper and Gavin O'Connor (Reckoning) were close to working on a joint project, but this never happened, since Cooper as a result, he turned down the role in the film "Jane Takes a Gun". According to the site Deadline , the actor has now signed up to take part in the filming of the film, which will again bring him together with O'Connor on the same set.

According to the source, Cooper will star in the war drama Atlantic Wall . The script application of Zack Dean (Blackbird), which was included in the famous Blacklist in 2015, was bought by Imperative Entertainment several years ago.

The speech in the tape will focus on an American paratrooper who was trapped in the enemy's position just at the decisive hours before the Allied landings in Normandy. The main character must not only deliver important information, but also fulfill the promise given to his deceased comrade - to protect his little son.


However, it is unlikely that movie fans will have the opportunity to see the film in the near future - now Bradley Cooper is preparing to shoot his own directorial debut, the film A Star is Born, and therefore to work on Atlantic Wall they O'Connor will not start until 2018.

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