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The Jackman Show, Zombies & Toons: Watch This Week

Image Tomorrow at midnight, many film fans will probably guess that the coming year will bring them a lot of positive emotions and be rich in good films. Fortunately for them, domestic distributors have already put some wonderful New Year's gifts under the tree.

The first week of the new year will delight USA viewers with seven new releases, including a musical about the founder of American show business, two European comedies, several cartoons and a remake of the legendary horror.

Those viewers who are not used to sitting up at the New Year's table will be able to go to the cinemas tomorrow. On the first day of 2018, two new films will be released at once - the national cartoon "Miracle Yudo" and the French comedy "Festive Trouble". The creators of the animation tape decided to tell the old tale in a new way. The title character of the cartoon turns out to be not a terrible monster at all, but a rather cute dragon who, together with Tsarevich Ivan, will go in search of the missing beauty Barbara. Anton Makarsky, Irina Medvedeva, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Natalia Medvedeva and Fedor Dobronravov gave voices to the main characters of the fairy tale.

Miracle Yudo

Fans of French comedies will be able to take a break from the bustle of the New Year at the Festive Trouble tape session. The film was directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, who gave the world the brilliant dramedy "1 + 1". Their new film tells the story of a wedding planner named Max, who, while preparing for a festive banquet in a luxurious chateau, will find himself in a series of ridiculous situations and hilarious incidents. The "Festive Trouble" was warmly received in France, where about three million viewers have already watched it.

Holiday Rush
Dubbed Trailer

Four more new films will be released domestically on January 4. One of them will be the musical "The Greatest Showman", which will tell the audience about the life of the legendary American businessman, hoaxer and founder of his own circus Phineas Taylor Barnum. The film receives conflicting reviews in the press, but all critics agree that its creators made the right decision with the leading actor. The magnificent Hugh Jackman will appear as the famous 19th century entrepreneur. Working on Broadway, filming musicals and hosting Tony and Oscars have proven that the Australian is considered one of the most talented showmen of our time. The role of Barnum has already earned Jackman a Golden Globe nomination.

The Greatest Showman
Dubbed Trailer

For those who, after celebrating the New Year, would like to experience an adrenaline rush, USA distributors have prepared a horror film "Day of the Dead: Evil Blood". Its creators position the project as a remake of the third film in George A. Romero's franchise about the living dead. The creators of the picture swear by oath that their brainchild will fully express a tribute to the founding father of the zombie horror genre. “Romero fans should be satisfied with our film,, said producer Christa Campbell. -We shot the tape according to all the canons of the maestro. Unlike modern films about the living dead, here you will not see how zombies climb the walls and make all kinds of somersaults. ”

Day of the Dead: Evil Blood
Dubbed Trailer

The Italian comedy "Welcome to the South 2, or No Neighbors Not Allowed" will help USAs start preparing for Christmas. Unfortunately, in the new year, domestic localizers are clearly not going to give up the bad habit of giving films inappropriate names: the film “Welcome to the South” is associated with the names of the director and performers of several roles, but not the plot. Luca Miniero's comedy will take place on a small island in the Mediterranean, where the Italian diaspora will try to convince local Muslims to lend them a child for the role of baby Jesus in the Christmas production.

Almanac "Mult in Cinema" will also be responsible for the festive mood in USA cinemas. New episodes of popular animated series such as Barboskins, Three Cats and Luntik and His Friends will await young viewers in its special New Year's edition.

The Secret Life of Insects
Dubbed Trailer

The last novelty next week will be the cartoon "The Secret Life of Insects", which will be released on January 7th. As you can see from its name, USA distributors again decided to show off their creativity. The tape, of course, has nothing to do with last year's animated hit by the American studio Illumination Entertainment. The cartoon co-produced by France and Luxembourg will be based on a series of children's books popular in these countries "Funny little bugs", and its main character will be a good-natured cricket who finds himself in the amazing kingdom of insects.

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