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Woody Harrelson will direct the film in real time

Image The popular Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson is ready to try his hand at directing. According to Deadline , the two-time Oscar nominee will lead work on Lost In London * ( Lost In London).

Harrelson's directorial debut promises to be an extremely interesting project. The thing is that Woody intends to shoot and show his film in real time. Work on the revolutionary project will take place on the night of January 19-20 in the capital of Great Britain. " Lost in London " will be watched live by visitors to more than 500 American cinemas, after which the tape will be re-edited for wide distribution.

Harrelson not only wrote the script for the film himself, but also intends to play himself in it. Woody is reportedly going through an insane night during which he will meet the royal family, old friends and unfriendly servants of the law.


I have always dreamed of finding a way to combine cinema and theater, said Woody . -The idea of this project was born ten years ago. Cinemas have repeatedly shown live broadcasts of theatrical performances, but in our case we are talking about a real film with thirty actors and fourteen different shooting locations. "

The 100-minute tape is expected to be filmed in one take. " Lost in London " will be directed by Briton Nigel Willoughby, whose track record includes the series "Penny Dreadful" ( Penny Dreadful ). By now, it is also known that Harrelson will be accompanied on the screen by his good friends Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson.


Harrelson has already promised fans that if the pilot project fails, he will rush into the Thames from London's famous Waterloo Bridge.

* - preliminary translation.

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