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USA Boxing Office: Madea Riding Again

Image May in the North American box office opens the blockbuster season as standard, and the end of October gives distributors an excellent opportunity to release films that, for whatever reason, could not survive in the face of strong competition. Starting next month, there will be nowhere for an apple to fall in cinemas: contenders for the main film awards and films dedicated to the holidays for a family audience will enter the game. Everyone who made his US debut last weekend (October 20-22) did not expect exorbitant amounts, but most of the newcomers failed at the start, and the expected by many "Snowman" with Michael Fassbender did not even reach the top 5.

The sequel to Madea's Halloween is out of the ordinary. Tyler Perry's film mastered $ 21.7 million in the first weekend, which is almost $ 7 million less than the result of the previous part, but for a tape with a $ 25 million budget, it is not a bad achievement. Among all the projects filmed by this director, "Halloween Madea 2" is in eighth place. Perhaps, he will not reach the heights of his predecessor, but the total amount in the region of $ 50 million is the most likely outcome for the sequel.

The merit of Perry, the director, who also demonstrates acting talents in films about the old woman Madea, lies in the fact that he has perfectly studied his target audience. Despite the sequel illness that has swept Hollywood this year, "Halloween Madeia 2" not only got off to a decent start financially, but also earned a high A- score from the first viewers.


Critics, on the contrary, smashed the sequel to smithereens. In their opinion, the film does not even deserve to be discussed. If the previous tapes of Perry at least amused the viewer, then "Halloween Madea 2" offers completely flat humor, and the technical side, which had not been the director's hobby before, this time let him down. Madea won't be able to scare even a child, but for that, the sequel to Saw will appear in theaters this coming weekend.


In the second place of the top-5 was the disaster film "Geostorm". Critics' reviews appeared in the public domain only after the premiere of the picture, but this did not help Dean Devlin's creation achieve great success. Now Geostorm boasts only $ 13.3 million, which is an unequivocal failure for a $ 120 million project. Such a small interest of film fans to the film can be explained by the recent natural disasters in Houston and Florida, but the main problem is that viewers have seen disasters of this magnitude on large screens more than once. Suffice it to recall "Armageddon", "The Day After Tomorrow", "2012" and the same "Independence Day".

Work on Geostorm began back in 2014, and at that time, Warner Bros. believed that a similar genre is still interesting to the audience. For Devlin, the tape became a director's debut in a big movie, and as a result, the studio was forced to arrange large-scale additional filming, inviting another director and screenwriter. Basic action, special effects that are not impressive in quality, and Gerard Butler, who has nothing to play - that's what critics and viewers saw in Geostorm.


The leader of the last week, the horror "Happy Day of Death", has dropped to the third line. Christopher Landon's tape lost more than 60% of its audience and raised an additional $ 9.4 million, which, however, will not upset Universal studio and Blumhouse company too much. The horror film now has $ 40.7 million, nearly ten times its modest production budget.


Blade Runner 2049, despite all the accolades, continues to show dismal results. The past weekend brought the fantastic drama Denis Villeneuve $ 7.2 million, and now its earnings in the North American box office are $ 74 million. In total, the film grossed $ 194.1 million in the world, but this amount is still not enough to recoup the $ 150 million budget. It is hoped that the people of China and Japan, where the film is just preparing for the premiere, will help it financially.


Closing the top five is the drama "Case of the Brave", which began its trip to cinemas with $ 6 million. The result meets the expectations of the Sony studio, and those who decided to go to the show were satisfied, as evidenced by the high A rating on the CinemaScore website. An emotional and mesmerizing story about American firefighters has managed to reach out to harsh critics. Unlike Geostorm, the film by Joseph Kosinski tries to avoid the cliches typical of disaster films, and watching the characters only becomes more interesting as the plot develops.

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Author: Jake Pinkman