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Attack on Titans will move to Hollywood

Image If in previous years Hollywood did not favor Japanese comics too much, recently American film companies have begun to more and more often transfer iconic manga characters to the big screen. Suffice it to say that at the moment in the work of Hollywood studios are such hits of this popular genre of fine arts as "Ghost in the Shell", "Death Note", "Naruto", "Battle Angel" and "Akira". The latter is being screened by Warner Bros. , which is not averse to expanding its partnership with manga publishers.

According to Deadline , WB is in talks to acquire the rights to create a film based on Attack on Titans , also known as Invasion of the Titans ". If the negotiations are crowned with success, the post of the producer of the tape will go to the British David Hayman .

The Oscar nominee already has a wealth of experience working on film adaptations of well-known literary works, including franchises such as Harry Potter, The Adventures of Paddington and Fantastic Beasts and Where Are They? live. "


The first issue of Hajime Isayama's manga was published in the Japanese Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in September 2009. " Attack of the Titans " rapidly gained popularity, first in Asia and then in the rest of the world. More than 60 million copies of the post-apocalyptic saga have been sold to date.

Attack of the Titans is set in a fictional universe in which humanity was nearly destroyed by an invasion of huge cannibals. To escape from the merciless giants, people decided to create a settlement surrounded by three rows of high walls. A hundred years passed, and the inhabitants of the fortress began to forget about the existence of the Titans. However, everything changes on the day when a 60-meter giant attacks the outer wall of their fortification ...


In 2013, Isayama was already the basis of the animated series Invasion of the Titans ( Shingeki no kyojin ). The Japanese companies Wit Studio and Production IG are currently working on its second season.

Manga heroes had occasion to visit on big screens. In August 2015 in the Land of the Rising Sun the premiere of Attack of the Titans. The first film: Cruel World ", and a month and a half later, its sequel, Attack of the Titans. Film Two: The End of the World.

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